Estonia permits non-essential travel from Japan

Estonia has adapted the recommendation of the Council of European Union of adding Japan to the list of countries for which member states should gradually lift restrictions on non-essential travel. While quarantine and border measures in place should still be observed, non-essential travel from Japan to Estonia is permitted starting from 14 June.

Information about countries and restrictions on movement is reviewed on a weekly basis and published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Before arriving in Estonia, you must fill out a traveller’s questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be completed up to three days before your arrival in Estonia. This makes border-crossing smoother and you can avoid queueing for filling out the questionnaire on paper.
The border guard or airline can ask people crossing the border to present an electronic or printed border crossing confirmation sent via email. Those individuals who have already had COVID-19 or who have been vaccinated, or any other individuals who are not subject to restrictions on their freedom of movement pursuant to the respective order by the government of the republic of Estonia are not required to submit the declaration if they are able to provide proof of the grounds for their exemption.

The 10-days restrictions on movement and COVID-19 testing are not mandatory for individuals (both when arriving from Europe and other regions) who:

(1) have recovered from COVID-19 and no more than six months have passed since they have been declared cured;

(2) have undergone COVID-19 vaccination and no more than one year has passed since its completion.

For more information about the required certificates, refer to the webpage