Japan partially reopening the border, foreigners with newly issued visas now eligible to enter

Starting from October 1st, Japan has started allowing foreigners with newly issued visas to enter the country. This will allow new students, workers, and dependents with family members in Japan to cross the border and begin their designated activities.

The new measure comes in addition to the previously announced ease of restrictions which allows foreigners with residence cards and re-entry permits to return.

Foreigners entering with newly issued visa will need to prepare additional documents:

[Documents to be submitted]

  • Eligible Visa or the “Letter of Confirmation of Submitting Required Documentation for Re-entry into Japan”
  • Certificate of pre-entry PCR test results (original or copy) (issued within 72 hours before departure (Note: departure time of the flight))
  • Written Pledge (Foreign nationals – Residence track) (PDF)Open a New Window” ) 2 copies
  • “Questionnaire” (distributed to all the passengers on the plane)


[Procedures to be followed]


Tourist are still subject to the entry ban. The temporary suspension of visa exemption regime is still in place.

More information on the homepage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.